Title Archipel
Artist YAPA
Music Composed, arranged and performed by YAPA: Simon Chenet, Christophe Combet, Fabrice Bourguignat and Xavier Hamon
Time 00:43:54
Technique Mixed on the Blu 23.1 format
Medium Bubble in crystalline resin and USB key


Although YAPA first formed in Paris, the group’s three guitarists and one percussionist consider their travels around the world to be an indispensable source of inspiration for their music. Archipel was heavily influenced by recent tours to French Polynesia and Great Britain and follows Pariwaga and Wagamumbai, which were recorded in Burkina Faso and India respectively.

After several months of independent composition, arrangement and rehearsal, YAPA gathered at Studio Meudon in France in January 2016, unleashing an intensely creative group dynamic and bringing a fresh, spontaneous sound to the recording which has been faithfully rendered by Sylvain Biguet’s high-definition, zero-compression approach to mixing. After working with Victor Demé in Burkina Faso, Patrice Bart-Williams in France and Keerthi Sagathia in India, Archipel was also the opportunity for YAPA to collaborate with award-winning Canadian singer Melissa Laveaux on Phoenix and legendary bassist Pascal Mulot on Mahana Ninamu, and to welcome back long-term Burkinabe friends Salif Diarra and Baba Commandant as vocals on Maya.