For Artists

Bringing art to Life

Each concert is a unique performance that you offer to your audience. These magic moments live and die each day until their rebirth in another location.

Bringing these artistic experiences back to life is the ambition of BluBubbles.

Your live mixing engineer is invited to remix the raw audio files from your chosen live moments in a format that preserves the absolute integrity of the original event.

Blu 23.1


BluBubbles brings the listener closer to you. Our Blu 23.1 format provides unprecedented spatial resolution in an uncompressed audio format to create an experience of ‘Immersive Hyperrealism’ for the listener. 

The resulting artwork is presented in a crystalline Bubble that you can make available to your fans and audio collectors through our gallery, enabling them to experience the emotional realism of a live concert in their home.

Just For The Art

Sound artists and composers are also invited to create a Bubble. Just for the Art. To experience the extraordinary possibilities of multi-dimensional spatialized sound, realistic trajectories, audio immersion and the dynamics of real sound objects.

BluBubbles does not profit from the sale of art. So the value of each Bubble is a genuine reflection of the art it contains. The artist alone decides upon the number of editions that are made available. And each edition can only be played on a certified Blu 23.1 installation.

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