Art: Marchal Mithouard a.k.a Shaka

Visual art is timeless

Original works of visual art can be publicly admired for generations and personally acquired for private enjoyment.

But music is different

Truly experiencing music requires being present at the moment of performance as conventional recordings lack the qualitative dimensions that are vital to reliving the impact and emotion of the original event.

BluBubbles was specifically created to overcome this limitation and bring these unique artistic experiences back to life.

BluBubbles facilitates the connection between creators and collectors and offers the ideal platform for artistic commissioning.

Christian Heil


For years I harboured the ambition to combine sensational music and exceptional sound systems to bring the emotions of a live concert in a private setting: this is why I founded BluBubbles.

BluBubbles is a brand of L‑Acoustics, worldwide leader in sound system technologies.

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